“The Leadership Jackson program conducted by the Jackson Chamber has been the catalyst in bringing Jackson & Madison County’s brightest and most energetic into the reservoir of this County’s future leaders.

The literally hundreds of graduates of this program are extremely well prepared to take this great city to the next level, whether it be in the private or public sectors.

Progress often demands on new ideas and innovations. As well, it often demands changes in peoples’ attitudes and behavior. Leadership Jackson is the one program where an individual can turn to be properly equipped to initiate these new ideas and innovations.”

Mayor Jerry Gist, City of Jackson

“Leadership Jackson is the most effective program available for anyone who wants to learn about our community, contribute new ideas for our future or prepare themselves for leadership roles in the community. Some of our most effective programs originated with Leadership Jackson.

The program involves time and commitment. The community and class members all benefit from this great program.”

Mayor Jimmy Harris, Madison County

Tyreece Miller

Captain Tyreece Miller, JPD; Class of 2012

“Leadership Jackson taught me about servant leadership and volunteering to help those in need. LJ is an awesome ever-growing network whose sole purpose is to strengthen our community.

Leadership is an action, not a position.”

– Captain Tyreece Miller, Jackson Police Department, Criminal Investigation Division Commander, Class of 2012



Katie Pace

Katie Pace; class of 2009

“Leadership Jackson has given me insight into Jackson, its needs, desires, and potential. It has not only helped me gain contacts for work, but it has made me better for my organization and how to be a true servant leader.”

– Katie Pace, Class of 2009




Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell; Class of 1979

“For over 35 years Leadership Jackson has proven to be an invaluable resource for identifying, training, and connecting our community’s future leaders.”

– Jim Campbell, CEO, H&M Company, Inc., Class of 1979




Angela Calhoun

Angela Calhoun; Class of 2011

“I do not believe anyone who fully embraces the Leadership Jackson experience ever completes the program.  I came away with a higher understanding that my community is more than I ever imagined and I am inspired to dig deeper, plug-in and to share the good news of what Jackson, TN has to offer.”

– Angela Calhoun, PHR, Team Member Relations Specialist, TOYOTA Bodine Aluminum- TN, Inc, Class of 2011





Pam Nash, class of 1994

Pam Nash; class of 1994

“Participating in Leadership Jackson was one of the most important things I have done as a professional in Madison County.  It was truly a life changing experience that I will never forget.  I learned so much about our community, and met people that are now some of my closest friends.  The personal and professional networking that naturally occurs is absolutely invaluable.”

– Pam Nash, President/CEO, Exchange Club-Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Class of 1994