Leadership Jackson was created with two goals in mind; to begin building a core leadership within the community, training young leaders to get involved and secondly, to identify people and fast track them into leadership. The Each year a new class is selected from a list of nominees. In keeping with the goals of the program, the team is immediately immersed into leadership and team building exercises at the C.O.P.E. retreat where individuals learn to trust each other, learn strengths of their classmates as well as themselves and begin to develop their own leadership skills.

After the C.O.P.E. Retreat, the class begins meeting weekly to learn more about our community, the unique needs that exist and how they can plug into areas of service.  During the course of those weekly meetings, participants are exposed to leadership training and information about the region that prepares them for leadership positions both in the community and where they work.  The connections made during Leadership Jackson create a network of resources that last a lifetime. But it’s not all about learning, Leadership Jackson classes put their knowledge to work by completing a team project that addresses a specific need or opportunity within our community.  Through this and the ongoing Alumni efforts, Leadership Jackson works to help aspiring leaders become a better employee, manager, community member and person.